This past month, Daryl Burke, our Water and Wastewater Services expert from the Fredericton office, was credited as a primary author for the AWWA publication “Self-Assessment for Wastewater Treatment Plant Optimization”!

This book, goes over the continuous challenges wastewater treatment plant staff face when trying to improve operations, energy efficiency, and effluent quality in wastewater treatment plants. Daryl’s contribution to the book was focused on writing the most technical chapters, specifically focusing on the optimization strategies for each major treatment process that would be common at a wastewater treatment plant.

Daryl and the AWWA team started writing the book in January 2016, and it was officially completed in November 2016. The book is part of AWWA’S Partnership for Clean Water Initiative.

We would like to congratulate Daryl on this incredible achievement, as this book is an example of his strong devotion to his work.

To purchase a copy of the book, visit the AWWA store.

Regarding the Partnership for Clean Water Initiative

The Partnership for Clean Water Initiative is a program that wastewater utilities can join and benefit from. The goal of the program is to focus on continuously improving wastewater treatment operations through self-assessment and optimization of existing facilities.

About the book

Self-Assessment for Wastewater Treatment Plant Optimization outlines the Partnership for Clean Water approach to properly evaluate treatment plant performance and implement actions that improve operations, energy efficiency and effluent quality.