Science and Technology market lead, Rachael Sampson, has been with EXP for 16 years and has led the way on state-of-the-art buildings that use new technologies within the industry. As a principal in the San Diego office, Rachael has worked on large scale projects that feed into the healthcare sector and allow for even greater innovation and collaboration.

“I love what we are able to do for our community. We are creating buildings that are making new medicines, therapies, helping develop cures for cancer,” she shared. As a leader in her sector, Rachael has developed an impressive career that has served our clients and the public through the many projects she has managed from conception to occupancy.

Today, Rachael continues to find new opportunities to deliver innovative results in her work through collaboration with clients and team members. “As a full-service EA firm, we’re the heart and soul of these buildings. We’re the central nervous system, the architecture is the skin and we’re the insides.”

Learn more about the projects that make up the heart and soul of Rachael’s work at EXP.

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