#myEXPerience: Portia Gonzalez

November 19, 2020

EXP’s Vice President, Area Manager – Orange County, Portia Gonzalez, is an advocate for transforming transportation and communities through reliable and innovative solutions. As a member of our Southern California (SoCal) team, Portia has helped drive the success of the team’s growth, as well as solutions for California’s’ congested roadways.

With over 25 years of transportation experience, Portia has teams and roadways moving in SoCal. We set out to learn more about her impactful career and why EXP was the right choice.

“I love the combination of technical work, business development, client relations, identifying talent and mentoring them,” she shared. As a trusted advisor to clients, she’s spent years learning her craft and mastering the skills of impactful engineering decisions. Whether it be on a drainage report, hydrology analysis or meeting various client’s requests, Portia and her team deliver unmatched services for California’s complex transportation environment, all while staying flexible, innovative and dedicated to keeping the team feeling like a family.

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