​​​Megan Konys knows a thing or two about marketing. As EXP’s creative manager, she has spent nearly seven years developing and positioning EXP’s brand to be a household name in the engineering, architecture and construction industry.

She’s also known for being a “go-to” for her colleagues. By working closely with EXP’s regional marketing teams, senior leadership and technical leads, Megan continues to drive the creative direction and branding of EXP’s most visible marketing tools and materials.

EXP’s brand tells a compelling story. It is designed to harness the exponential possibilities, solutions and results for our clients, employees and communities. The identities behind the brand are people like Megan, who tell EXP’s story with strategic messaging and impactful visuals.

Find out more about Megan’s career path and the advice that has resonated most with her, both professionally and personally, from EXP’s most admired leaders, Ivan and Mark Dvorak.​​​​​​

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