As the practice manager of EXP’s Earth and Environment practice in Halifax, Brian Walker has built a career on geotechnical expertise, client satisfaction and learning from effective mentorship practices.

Throughout his 17 years with EXP, Brian has utilized his geotechnical expertise to facilitate cost-effective solutions for clients, supporting thousands of projects throughout Novia Scotia, including geotechnical services for their largest highway systems. His approach is rooted in determining the most impactful outcomes for clients and surrounding communities and has resulted in helping clients save millions.

Without a doubt, his passion for the entire geotechnical spectrum has left him standing on solid ground. We wanted to learn more about what drives him at EXP? Was it the cutting-edge geotechnical services he leads, cost-effective solutions or innovative approaches that benefit clients and the environment?

His response? The people.

Learn how Brian became an expert through interpersonal osmosis. ​

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