With a dynamic 12-year career at EXP, Senior Electrical Engineer and Project Manager, Adam Ahrens has worked to deliver the most advanced, scalable and reliable projects in EXP’s mission critical team.

Throughout his career, Adam assisted with a variety of hands-on projects, including Wayne State University Data Center, projects with Coresite and many others. Adam’s expertise and experience working directly with contractors, manufacturers and clients has enabled him to see the big picture for design projects, gain a deep understanding of critical design facilities and develop the tools to help build out the project resume for the Mission Critical team.

We wanted to know what powers Adam to keep him meeting his client’s needs. “One big thing that I enjoy about consulting and working at EXP is that every project is different, and there is always an opportunity for learning and overcoming the challenges,” Adam shared.

Learn more about Adam’s journey at EXP and how the dynamic work environment has allowed him to reach his goals – both professionally and personally.

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