While many things have changed during the pandemic, one thing has remained consistent, the behavior of wind. At our Drummondville roof testing laboratory, experts have stayed busy working on measuring dynamic wind-uplift resistance, consultations, training and assisting in the design of roofing structures.

EXP’s state-of-the-art roofing laboratory has advanced testing equipment and houses our roofing experts, who have been busy since last June, when UL, a global safety certification company, accredited the lab to perform tests in accordance with CSA A123.21 for them. We discussed work at the lab and what’s next with roofing testing laboratory, project manager, Bruno Bernard.

Question: Bruno, last year was a busy year for EXP’s roof testing laboratory. Can you describe what the team has been working on?

Answer: The climate is changing and the effects of wind on roofing systems are becoming a major concern. In response to this, manufacturers are trying to develop increasingly efficient solutions. To support their research and development efforts, we have improved the capabilities and performance of our testing apparatus.

Question: Can you describe EXP’s history in working with roofing systems?

Answer: I enjoy telling EXP’s roofing story. Our roofing experts have over 50 years of roofing experience. As a global engineering, architecture design and consulting company, we have a comprehensive understanding of roofing systems, from the foundational level to an expansive understanding that permits us to conduct advanced research and testing on wind uplift. This is very important because we believe with the increased complexity of building designs, clients will need technically advanced and experienced roofing experts. EXP’s global expertise, in conjunction with the lab’s expertise, provides us the ability to respond to changing design expectations and climate changes. In addition, our longevity in the industry, foundational knowledge and multidisciplinary background ensures we can meet roofing requirements, whether it be, wind resistance, waterproofing or structural support and we are very happy that this expertise, research and level of commitment has been well-received by clients who have traditional roofing requests and non-traditional requests.

Understanding performance, reliability, standards and compliance in roofing is part of our everyday job but this has never been enough for our team at EXP. To maintain our knowledge base and support advancements in the industry, we also sit on the SIGDERS Committee (Special Interest Group for Dynamic Evaluation of Roofing System), which is part of the National Research Council of Canada, and expands our capacity to address the needs of associations, manufacturers, owners and industry professionals.

Question: EXP’s roof testing laboratory is in Drummondville, does this pose any limitations on clients outside of Quebec?

Answer: Absolutely not! At EXP, we have experts throughout North America, who are very familiar with our roof testing capabilities and share this information with their clients with roofing needs. Because of this and our established reputation, we have clients from across North America, and additional clients overseas, including Norway, many who come to our laboratory to build their systems and receive our assessment and consultation. There is a very exciting and challenging aspect to working with clients outside of Canada.

Our role is to assess their systems and ensure they meet advanced Canadian standards and specifications. As I mentioned when discussing EXP’s roofing history, and which applies here as well, this comes back to our who we are, which is first and foremost, roofing experts, who understand roofing systems from anywhere, opening opportunities for clients from virtually anywhere. Our foundational expertise and dedication to our craft allows us to look at roofing systems objectively, then ensure the system is thoroughly tested against the standards and protocols.

Question: As of July 2020, the Drummondville roofing Lab is the only laboratory in Canada to be a member of the UL Data Acceptance Program (UL DAP) for this test, what does this mean for the laboratory and clients?

Answer: I would first like to say, we’re proud of this achievement. It has been a long way coming. This opportunity opens doors for growth and to further meet client’s needs, which is at the forefront of what we do. When business is conducted with a laboratory affiliated with UL’s DAP, there is an important advantage for any construction materials manufacturer and clients seeking their roofing assembly certified through UL. Through the DAP program, test results from our lab are recognized as if the tests had been performed by UL. This makes EXP a key partner in the certification process for roofing systems.

Question: Bruno, what’s next for the roof testing laboratory?

Answer: We have exciting projects and research underway. You’ll have to stay tuned to see! Until then, we will keep our clients satisfied with unmatched roofing services and advanced technologies for the industry.

Bruno Bernard, Caroline Gagnon, Serge Rochon, Alexandre Lafond and Geneviève Boisclair are among the experts who work at EXP’s Drummondville roofing lab and are leading the way in advancing the roofing industry.

To work with our roofing testing laboratory, contact EXP experts, Bruno Bernard or Serge Rochon.