EXP delivered engineering and architectural (E/A) services for an innovative recycling technology, capable of processing PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic waste. The project, INEOS Infinia, has the potential to remove billions of plastic items from landfills and was recently featured in a Sustainability Special video about the Future of Recycling. Through this new recycling technology, INEOS Infinia aims to create a more circular economy.

INEOS Infinia’s enhanced technology focuses on the future of sustainability in PET polymers, a highly recyclable plastic material that is currently going to landfill. Much of our existing recycling infrastructure and machinery are not designed to accommodate complex plastic packaging, tags, labels, or colored plastics, and PET plastics are not completely broken down and recycled.

INEOS Infinia technology aims to combat this issue by recycling items that would otherwise get thrown away or downcycled into inferior materials. This enhanced recycling technology breaks down a variety of existing plastics, by separating the molecules from impurities, including colors and other enhancements. INEOS Infinia has been implemented in a smaller-scale pilot plant in Naperville, IL, and was built to replicate a commercial plant and demonstrate the power and potential of this new technology. EXP provided full-service E/A design to the project, including early concept/space planning and code analysis.

“EXP is excited to be involved in a project that works towards a more circular economy with recycling and sustainability in mind,” said Senior Vice President, Science and Technology Jay Ramirez.

The Sustainability Special features global chemical leader INEOS Aromatics and the Infinia Pilot Plant and examines the future of recycling.

Sustainability Special – The Future of Recycling & More | INEOS INTV 22

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