Article originally appeared in Mobility 21’s Forward Motion e-newsletter + blog

The transportation industry is responsible for one of the most vital tasks in the world – connecting people and moving goods and resources. From the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, transportation agencies have been assessing options to transition to post-pandemic operations, ranging from service performance, expansions and financial viability to safety, equity and mobility.

For more than 114 years, EXP has delivered solutions for infrastructure and transportation, and we are prepared to support our clients in recovery with safe, reliable and efficient solutions. Our extensive experience equips our teams to help clients design, build, rehabilitate and maintain their transportation infrastructure – whether by road, air, rail or water.

Across North America, our multidisciplinary expertise has resulted in modern highway designs, iconic bridges, improved airfields, reconstructed roadways and customized transportation solutions for efficient rail and transit networks. Each project has raised challenges and EXP has consistently delivered solutions to support the industry’s forward mobility. With a focus on California, we see exponential possibilities with a talented team of experts that has worked on many of California’s most transformative transportation projects and programs. This team has supported reconstruction and rehabilitation projects along the coast, including SR-1; is providing essential professional services for transit improvements such as the LA Streetcar; and is improving efficiency and quality in construction management.

At EXP, we support our clients with diverse offerings, including supporting major transportation programs and alternative project delivery. Our services are supported by advanced technologies from virtual reality and 3D modeling to GIS and drone technology, to enable our clients to see their projects to the end-state, where safety, mobility and efficiency are at the forefront. In California, across North America and beyond, we serve as trusted advisor to our clients, bringing innovative solutions and providing meaningful projects to our communities.