The COVID-19 pandemic has brought challenging questions to the engineering and architecture industry. Across the globe, its devastating effects have caused individuals and businesses to wonder what the ‘new normal’ is and what changes are needed to safely accommodate local and national health guidelines and still meet client and community needs. We’ve asked ourselves similar questions, “How do we design, construct and operate buildings to slow the spread of the virus? Can we create immune systems within the building itself?”

To find answers, we investigated potential solutions to reduce COVID-19 transmission in buildings. EXP’s multidisciplinary experts have compiled guidance from national and global health organizations, along with research from academic institutions, to detail how we propose to immunize built environments. EXP’s white papers, beginning with Building Immune Systems in Restaurants, explores how to incorporate sanitization methods, safety measures and additional engineered systems to safely bring employees and community members back to the places they love, including restaurants. Our team, led by vice presidents, Bill Weinaug and Chris Kearney, took a comprehensive look at gathering places where careful mitigation tactics are needed to reduce the potential transmission of germs and viruses.

Read EXP’s Building Immune Systems in Restaurants white paper and join the conversation by emailing our experts to receive more information on creating safe environments for employees, clients and community members.

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