(Pictured above from left to right: Cole Walters, Davis Groves, Papillon Romero, Jim Richardson, Patrick Dammann,  Aloyn Hawthorne, Brian Chapman, Paul Blasco-Soler, Brian Piotrowski, Elizabeth Schlueter and Dan Harvey)

As global leaders in the pipeline industry, our diverse teams of energy experts have mastered lifecycle asset risk management from conception through to decommissioning.

Offering a wide range of services, including program management, project planning and management, GIS and data management, civil design and survey and risk management and mitigation, our Energy Services group is as boundless as their capabilities.

When it comes to putting their words into action, this team means business. When they are not showcasing their services on major pipeline projects, they keep it green on the green. In August, team members from Houston, Tallahassee, Tulsa and Chicago gathered after work to practice their golf swing and honor the comradery they’ve built over challenging projects and delivering solutions to conquer them.

At EXP, we know that where we live, work and play are all connected. Our Energy Services group are a testament to having deeply rooted passion for what they do and having fun along the way.

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