EXP understands that the time is now for addressing carbon emissions. Whether to address climate targets, meet potential ESG or financial requirements or address current and future regulations on the cost of carbon, the need for new and feasible carbon capture solutions is increasing more and more every day.

With over 50 years of industry experience across the energy sector, from upstream to downstream and across all forms of oil and natural gas processing, EXP is at the forefront of carbon capture solutions. Our team understands the benefits and impacts of carbon capture on the energy industry, what it means for our clients, and how to permit the solutions and the technology that supports it all.

As a client’s trusted partner, we help navigate the journey through their decision-making process for addressing carbon capture. With industry-leading experts, we stay on top of current and pending regulations related to GHG, climate impact assessment, cost of carbon rule making, and other drivers that impact existing and planned project design and operations. More importantly, we know how to make carbon capture a reality for our clients – we know what’s feasible, what’s available and how to evaluate cost-benefits to minimize the impact on their bottom line.

When it comes to carbon capture services, we provide a full-service solution backed by a flexible, responsive, client-focused approach. We support the entire lifecycle – from conception and feasibility through permitting, design and construction to execution and operational compliance, including related infrastructure such as water treatment, instrument air systems, building design, site security and safety, among others.

Learn more about EXP’s carbon capture, use and storage solutions, contact our experts:

Stephen Roth I Vice President, Business Development, Energy

Walter ‘Vulcan’ Mutler I Senior Vice President, OG+C

L. J. Guillotte I Business Development Director, Energy Services