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In September 2020, Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) released an update to the Wetland Policy which directly impacts our Transportation clients and projects. AEP has added a new category of development that is eligible for the streamlined desktop approval process called the Wetland Assessment and Impact Form (WAIF). The WAIF is now eligible for “widening, improvements or maintenance of existing roads that take place within a registered road plan right of way”. Previously, only those activities within 15 meters of the centerline qualified, but now this change will streamline the time and cost for approvals for our municipal and government Transportation clients. Work on private roads still follows the 15-meter centerline rule. Construction of new roads will still require a full field assessment and the submission of a Wetland Impact and Assessment Report (WAIR).

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Our team of Transportation engineers, modelers, technicians, and environmental professionals are leading experts in the industry. We can manage the entire lifecycle of new capital projects and operational upgrade projects from the feasibility/planning stage, through regulatory approvals, design, materials testing, construction management, and post-construction. Our western Canadian operations team have extensive experience working with the private sector, municipalities, and the provincial government on road maintenance, improvements and new builds.

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