Cutting-edge technologies are providing solutions for large-scale infrastructure investments. On complex transportation projects such as the Eglinton Crosstown West Extension Light Rail Transit (LRT) Project, technology is offering enhanced efficiencies, reduced traffic congestion and revealing sustainable opportunities.   

The Eglinton West Extension spans 9.2 kilometers and features seven stops and the capacity to accommodate 69,700 daily commuters. EXP plays a critical role in conducting evaluations and continuous monitoring of traffic disruptions caused by the reduction of lanes along Eglinton Avenue, spanning from Jane Street to the Highway 427 interchange.

“Through data collected by SMATS crowdsourced floating car technology, EXP was able to monitor and mitigate congestion, when necessary, which is critical to the project’s progress. We’re committed to utilizing real-time data to enhance the movement of people and goods in Toronto and surrounding areas,” said Traffic Engineering Manager Greg Kent.

Download the case study Using Utilizing Floating Car Data to Alleviate Construction-Related Congestion in Canada’s Largest City.