Redevelopment of Shamrock Avenue and the Jean-Talon Market Square

Creating a pedestrian-friendly space in a popular Montreal destination

A destination for residents and tourists of the city of Montreal, the Jean-Talon Market is located near the commercial artery of Saint-Laurent Boulevard in the heart of a high-density neighborhood. This iconic site is recognized as a premier destination to access artisanal foods and goods directly from local farmers, producers and merchants.

EXP worked with the City of Montreal to create a permanent public space for the Jean-Talon Market. The new space improves and enhances the market experience, creating a safe and vibrant environment to gather, relax and shop. The design extends furniture and installations to Shamrock Avenue, providing more space for users to relax and enjoy the day.

The new facilities feature a green space combining modern design, hospitality, safety and versatility. The space includes furniture designed for relaxation, leisure and meal preparation, with tables and benches seating up to 160 people, a kitchen island and a drinking fountain. The project also includes a multifunctional space for temporary booths and street performances. Functional and architectural lighting creates a signature space, serving as a visual reference to draw people to the Jean-Talon Market, while also animating the space in the evening.



Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning, Civil, Pavement, Lighting, Electrical

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