Hudson Bay Arcade and City Sidewalk

restoring historic downtown flagship department store

The effective waterproofing and concrete restoration to the Hudson Bay department store’s terrazzo arcade and adjacent city sidewalk, which acts at the roof assembly for the basement, prevented further damage from water ingress and structural deterioration.

The structural slab at the arcade revealed several different structural systems—ribbed slab with corrugated form work, flat slab, wood plank formed slab, and others. Concrete at the underside of the slab was deteriorated at several locations. Materials testing and concrete repair were conducted.

The existing and historic terrazzo finish also posed a challenge during construction. In keeping true to the building’s heritage, a new granite finish of two colors was chosen after extensive analysis. Due to the anticipated extensive public reaction, the design was conducted to take the heritage significance of the building into consideration.



Structural, Building Science, Material Testing + Inspection

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