International Development

solutions for sustainable infrastructure

EXP is a leader in infrastructure development through each phase of the project life cycle, from integrated master planning, assessment of technical and financial feasibility to the design and supervision of construction work. For international development, we focus on energy, transportation and urban infrastructure sectors.

We collaborate with international donors and development institutions with the design, implementation and monitoring of development programs globally. We are helping emerging countries achieve resilient and equitable growth, transition into low carbon economies and healthy living environments, as well as protect natural resources.

EXP’s environmental and social science experts work closely with our engineers to move projects forward while minimizing the impacts on communities. We abide by strict standards and regulations to create economic opportunity and enhance quality of life.


We proudly contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, with a focus on renewable, reliable, accessible and affordable clean energy.

As a leader in hydropower, we also develop mini-grids, solar and biomass projects. Our teams support electricity companies globally by modernizing and extending their transmission networks.

Climate resilience is built into our work, ensuring we develop low-carbon and energy-efficient strategies.


Transportation is the backbone for the development and industrialization of communities in emerging countries. The safe access to economic development, health, education and food security depends on access to transportation.

Our experience includes urban and regional roads, structures, bridges, multimodal transit and development in coastal and seismic environments.

Our approach to sustainable mobility is to improve safety for road users: passengers and goods. We use the latest technologies to model the roadway ecosystem and integrate recycled, low-carbon materials.


Water + Urban Infrastructure
We support sustainable cities that are resilient to climate change.

We design high-performing green infrastructure to improve air quality and mitigate floods and high tides. We use smart technology to reduce waste and promote a circular economy.

We use best practices to treat, rehabilitate or expand water and wastewater networks, and strengthen the management and performance of public facilities by promoting resilient management of water resources.