Montreal Detention Centre

multi-phase project redevelops and renovates aging detention facility

The Montreal Detention Centre, formerly Bordeaux Prison, has been upgraded to provide a larger, more secure, technologically up-to-date facility.

Complex engineering design solutions included technology assessments and security system layouts of the server room and data center and development of a technical floor in the attic. We also identified correctional officers’ operational needs in order to retrofit camera surveillance, general calls, door control and intercom systems with networking infrastructure.

Subsequent phases included building envelope prevention inspections of the facades of multiple buildings throughout the detention center. The utilization of drones created video records and high-definition photographs from various angles and elevations of inaccessible and confined spaces. In addition, review of the facilities’ security system status is underway to assess risks related to the current system and determine the scope of required upgrades and related costs.



Lighting Design, Electrical, Security Design, Technology Design, Commissioning, Building Science, Site Supervision, UAV/Drone Services

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