Students + Recent Graduates

Your career starts here.

Whether you are in the process of obtaining your degree or you have recently completed your education, we understand that for you, starting your career off on the right foot means so much more than a paycheck.

top 10 reasons to join EXP

  1. make a difference

    As a student or recent graduate, you are an important part of the EXP team. We rely on our employees to contribute knowledge and expertise, whether they are just starting out their careers or a seasoned professional.

  2. give back

    We are committed to our local communities through active partnerships, charitable donations and social awareness, ensuring we have a positive impact and contribute to healthy, sustainable environments where we work, live and play.

  3. achieve balance

    To maximize engagement and reduce barriers, we promote flexibility and work/life balance. We are continually trying to evolve the way we work to meet the diverse needs of our employee’s while delivering best-in-class service to our clients.

  4. culture

    We strive to foster a rich culture of employee engagement. We support regional social events and encourage employee collaboration. We are committed to reviewing programs and benefits on an ongoing basis with the goal of continually enhancing EXP’s employee experience.

  5. learn from the best

    Our team of talented professionals make EXP who we are, an industry leader. Starting your career here means working alongside some of the world’s top experts in the fields of engineering, architecture, design and consulting.

  6. innovation

    The world is moving fast and we understand that to keep up, we too must evolve. Adopting and embracing new technology is critical to delivering innovative solutions and expanding our portfolio of expertise.

  7. work environment

    We believe that the environment in which we work plays a key role in our overall happiness. We bring this important belief into the design and layout of our office space to encourage teamwork and inspire creativity.

  8. grow personally + professionally

    At EXP we encourage and support individual growth. We support your personal and professional development through individual goal setting, training, continuous education, mentoring and job shadowing. We conduct performance meetings annually and encourage feedback year-round.

  9. diversity + inclusion

    We are committed to a diverse workforce that celebrates differences and promotes inclusion. This is a commitment we take seriously and one that we continually strive to build upon and advance.

  10. award-winning expertise

    We are proud of our team’s accomplishments. Our long list of industry awards speaks to the hard work and dedication of our people.

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