Facilitating collaboration to deliver multidisciplinary projects through BIM technology’s centralized 3D digital platform and real-time simulation.

The design of a building requires the management of a large amount of information. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a process of integration, production, management and visualization of digital data.

As a consolidated source of all project building data, BIM offers a unique and centralized 3D digital platform with real-time simulation. This advanced technology allows us to virtually eliminate boundaries between locations and to share the most up-to-date data throughout a project.

At EXP, we deliver multidisciplinary projects of all sizes, including complex mega projects, using BIM tools. Our internal technology environment can support any user, working on any project from anywhere in the world. Working together on highly complex models across regions and disciplines, our teams use a variety of BIM tools to improve project delivery through better collaboration and integration.


projects delivered using BIM technologies

From BIM to integrated digital delivery: a driver for change.

Chief Information Officer Steve Ross, discusses the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in coordinating teams across disciplines and markets.

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