J.M.-Jeanson Drinking Water Treatment Plant

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This state-of-the-art facility integrates high-performance, innovative technologies.

With its vital importance to the health and public safety of the City of Sherbrooke, the J.M.-Jeanson Drinking Water Treatment Plant truly represents a successful symbiosis of new, efficient and innovative treatment technologies.

With an efficient and better-automated system, the plant supplies high quality drinking water with a marginal 0.4% discharge to the sanitary sewer. The Sherbrooke plant is one of only a very few in North America to be equipped with a secondary membrane filtration system, and is one of the largest very-high-frequency ozonation systems in the world. At 100,000 cubic meters per day, it is also the largest membrane filtration plant in Quebec.


    Civil, Commissioning, Sustainability, Water + Wastewater, Construction Observation


    Recognition of an Innovative Project, Estrie, Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec, 2017

Another award for J.-M.-Jeanson Drinking Water Treatment Plant in Sherbrooke

We are proud to announce that we won another award for our work on the Sherbrooke J.-M.-Jeanson Drinking Water Treatment Plant. Our team was just presented with an Excellence Award recognizing innovation by the OIQ-Estrie. The project had previously won a Leonard Award at the 2016 Grand Prix du génie-conseil québécois.

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