Bahá’í Temple of South America

bringing visitors around the world to a singular place of worship

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Located in the mountains of Santiago, Chile, the Bahá’í Temple of South America brings a new light-filled, sacred space for prayer and meditation for the Bahá’í community. Approximately 19,000 SF in size, the temple is made up of nine hybrid steel frame structures based on repeated complex geometric forms. The temple is surrounded by gardens offering a panoramic view of Santiago and the Andean foothills.

EXP developed the structural framing system for the project with particular emphasis on integrity of the structure and cladding when subject to the extreme seismic and wind loads experienced in the region. EXP’s structural and building science teams employed base isolation techniques to reduce the effects of earthquakes as well as develop the façade design and its anchorage to the main structure. Wind tunnel testing also aided in predicting effects on the structure and the glass cladding.

EXP is proud to have participated in bringing this iconic gathering place to life from conceptual design, early 3D model and construction.


    Structural, Building Science


  • Chicago Athenaeum, International Architecture Award, 2017
  • Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, Innovation in Architecture Award, 2017
  • American Institute of Architects, Innovation Award in Stellar Design, 2017
  • American Architecture Prize in Architectural Design / Cultural Architecture, 2017
  • Ontario Association of Architects, Design Excellence Award, 2018
  • World Architecture News, Best in Americas in Civil Buildings, 2018
  • Institution of Structural Engineers, Structural Award, 2019
  • Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, International Prize, 2019