WiredScore accredited professional at EXP ready to improve digital connectivity in built environment

June 30, 2022

“The built environment has shifted towards more enhanced digital infrastructure for innovative results. The majority of building owners, tenants and professionals require smart, technologically advanced and high-quality digital connectivity in their buildings. This evolution has caused a significant increase in technology investments to support sustainability and the hybrid work culture, and it’s a trend we don’t see changing anytime soon.” – EXP’s CIO Steve Ross.

The workplace has changed and digital connectivity and sustainability are vital for our success. EXP prides itself on being an innovative, futuristic, dynamic engineering, architecture, design and consulting firm. Our experts are constantly finding ways to keep themselves updated with the latest industry trends and practices to guarantee forward-thinking solutions that drive value for clients. Recently, our Director of Technology Design Adam Dickie, added another accolade to the diversified and talented EXP team by becoming a WiredScore and SmartScore accredited professional.

WiredScore’s accredited professional program enables engineers, consultants and property managers to work with their clients to achieve WiredScore and SmartScore certifications for their projects. Accredited professionals serve as an extension of the WiredScore team, allowing them to benefit from centralized training, collateral and certification tools.

“Today, technologies are addressing some interesting challenges that will undoubtedly evolve to become even more powerful and expected as the standard of design for any new building. To address this, t we have the infrastructure to support these technologies and additional life cycles of these systems. At EXP, we want to help our clients build world-class buildings and Wiredscore certification will help with that. This accreditation positions EXP to guide clients to attain WiredScore or SmartScore certification and add demonstrable value to the property,” says Adam Dickie.

The pandemic changed every aspect of our lives in the last two years. Smart buildings, smart communities, smart cities and smart countries are the future of the world economy. EXP can assist in creating smarter built environment, which includes the following four aspects.

  • A built environment that ensures flexibility and personalized services.
  • Developing a sustainable built environment through reduced whole-life carbon environments through the efficient use of technology in building operations.
  • Optimizing the building’s performance cost-effectively.
  • Futuristic buildings that can adapt to a fast-paced and ever-changing environment.

Wiredscore and Smartscore accredited professionals can help you assess, certify and improve digital connectivity and innovative technology in homes and offices per global standards. Smart, sustainable and digital infrastructure is now one of the most valuable assets in the built environment. Contact Director of Technology Design Adam Dickie, today to get your building WiredScore and SmartScore certified.

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