Architecture + Design

creating spaces and places that both serve and enrich human activity

The design of the places that we live, work and play, is collaborative, integrated and participatory, involving design professionals and the community. The result is innovative design that raises building to art, creating meaningful connections between community and context while minimizing the impact on our natural resources.

From conception to construction, our architects and designers practice sustainable landscape and planning principles to create inspiring places that weave the natural and man-made environment.

Our lighting designers merge creativity and cutting-edge technology to enhance and dramatize the spatial, perceptual and spiritual lighting aspects for our clients. Our designers are stewards of both the human and natural environments who stimulate the visual senses with a rich palette of lighting resources that enhance the guest experience.

As one of the very few US Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED Proven Providers, we are raising the bar in providing sustainable solutions for complex, challenging projects. We combine the latest and most effective practices and technologies with the experience required to meet and exceed growing environmental standards. We do this by integrating our sustainability services into all of our practices.