Mooresboro Restart Project

assisting in the smooth restart of a zinc plant

American Zinc Recycling (AZR) initiated a major upgrade of its Mooresboro processing plant. The facility is designed to produce special high grade (SHG) zinc metal products using recycled steel mill dust. The Mooresboro Restart Project was initiated to fine-tune the plant’s processing, eliminate production bottlenecks and bring production up to its planned level.

Focused on technical support across the plant, EXP has provided dedicated engineering personnel for technical and project management services to AZR’s engineering team, as well as construction management support for key project implementation. The EXP team performed a plant-wide analysis of pumping/piping systems, provided recommendations to optimize the processing plant’s system while assisting in terms of troubleshooting and detail design. This optimized system is implemented for the overall process of construction to ensure startup of the plant runs smoothly.



Project Management, Construction Support, Commissioning Support

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