Materials Testing + Inspection

Service Overview

Using the most advanced numerical technology and modeling techniques, along with decades of experience in working with man-made and natural materials, allows our experts to provide customized solutions to each project.

Our specialists evaluate the condition of structures, earth and transportation systems and test routine and specialized materials engineering, maintenance planning, materials design, specifications, quality control and assurance on all types of construction projects, no matter the size.

Our services include:

  • Aggregates & Supplementary Minerals- including Petrographic Analysis of Coarse & Fine Aggregates
  • Concrete, Grout & Mortars - including Hardened Air Voids, Rapid Chloride Permeability, Chloride Ion Content in Concrete, Rapid Freeze-Thaw, Evaluation of Concrete Admixtures
  • Fireproofing & Firestopping
  • Pavements & Asphalt - including Superpave and Marshall Mix Designs, AMPT, Expanded/Warm Mix Designs, PGAC and Emulsions Testing, Laser Profilograph and FWD Testing
  • Piling & Shoring Systems
  • Roofing & Curtain Wall Systems
  • Soil & Rock - including Direct Shear, Consolidation and Triaxial Tests
  • Steel, Wood & Construction Fabrics