LEED® Consulting

Service Overview

Whether it be through our work on a tremendous number of projects across North America that have achieved LEED® certification or on projects leading to the rehabilitation of the environments we live and work in, we help our clients keep the planet healthy for future generations.

With over a decade of LEED experience, our thoroughness and methods continue to drive our success and that of our clients

Our team of LEED® APs comprises architects, interior designers, engineers and technicians that have obtained USGBC credentials covering BD+C, ID+C, O+M and ND specialties. Experimented and versatile, our LEED APs provide green building consulting services as well as support and coordination for the LEED certification process. Some members of our team have also completed other advanced green building and commissioning professional certification programs, including:

  • Experienced Modeller-CaGBC

  • Advanced Building Recommissioning (RCx)-BEIE

  • Certified Measurement and Verification Professional-CEE

  • Certified Energy Manager-CIET

  • Living Building ChallengeSM Ambassador-ILFI

  • Certified Commissioning Professionals in various programs such as CXA, BCA and QCXP

We provide strategic decision making advice to owners and property managers, we work on design with consultants, and we guide builders. Our team is also amongst the few who have been selected by the CaGBC to review LEED certification applications and by the USGBC to be a LEED Proven Provider. For clients pursuing eco-certification, we can also manage the entire process leading to certification.

Because our expertise covers all green building practices and because we can provide complete consulting support services as well as tailored services, this goes a long way in reducing intermediaries. We also provide a "hands on" approach, to make the LEED process easy for our clients and allow them to make quicker decisions. This includes the ability for exp to document nearly every LEED credit. For energy modeling, this can include bringing real-time energy models to meetings and making changes on the fly.