IT Systems Development

Service Overview

Business changes quickly and management needs visibility of all their business processes.

To keep up with ever-changing requirement, we help companies build solid, flexible IT solutions to handle their business more efficiently, increase productivity and save money.

From conception to end, we help define requirements, choose an IT solution, implement, upgrade, maintain and operate. Our business analysts work to define business needs, business cases to come up with the best solution. Our enterprise systems specialists use industry-proven approaches that help you choose the best IT system for your needs and integrate current modern technologies with legacy applications, with the capability to support your program long term or train internal support staff.

Services include:

  • Implementation of Complex Enterprise Systems
  • Extending System Functionality
  • Integrating Systems
  • Building Business to Business IT Solutions
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) integration
  • Building Software Systems

Our team delivers IT solutions based on variety of technologies, including:

  • Java and .NET platforms
  • Oracle's Service Oriented Architecture Suite (SOA)
  • Oracle's Fusion Middleware
  • Microsoft Solutions, such as .Net, MSSQL and SharePoint