Program Management

Service Overview

We serve as monitor and advisor to an owner's staff to assure that tasks are properly staffed and managed and that the proper risks are identified and mitigated. We work side by side with your staff to provide professional assistance and guidance..

Services include:

  • Identification of Owner responsibilities and establishment of control systems to monitor their management.
  • Project management of multiple integrated projects.
  • Implementation of formal Risk Management plans.
  • Liaison with licensed hotel operators.
  • Technical training of operating staff.
  • Assistance in operating agreements for utilities, maintenance contracts, and any agreements surviving the construction of the development.
  • Assistance in creating emergency evacuation plans, health and safety guidelines, and any procedures required by an operating company.
  • Operational Readiness: This is an organized process of identifying and circumventing potential risks associated with setting up and making the operating entities functional.
  • Mobilization of operating offices for operating companies.