Asset Assessment

Service Overview

We have a full-range of skills to assist owners, investors, and banks in assessing real estate assets in support of various strategies. Our architects, engineers, project managers and financial analysts are able to determine an asset's condition, plan and design its positioning for its highest and best use, and execute any project scope.

Our services encompass the following:

  • Asset Purchases: We conduct site investigation and analysis, develop purchase criteria, and manage due diligences on existing assets to help developers or owners make purchase decisions.
  • Repositioning: The repositioning and conversion of asset uses takes care, and we assist in purchase analysis, cost of conversion, governmental entitlements, use planning, and design management. Once underway, we are capable of managing construction or assisting in the construction management.
  • Capital & Maintenance: We are experienced in mapping capital renewal and maintenance programs for commercial or industrial assets.
  • Occupancy Management: When complex logistical challenges occur, we have processes to manage the phasing or sequential occupancy of large assets, and see that resources remain efficient.
  • Funding Analysis: We not only determine an asset's condition, and create the scope and design to place it at its highest use; we also lead the resources through financial analysis and prepare funding packages to assist owners and investors in their real estate strategy.