We are firmly committed to the well-being of all employees working on exp projects and job sites. From the president to the foreman in the field, engineers, architects, and laborers, every employee recognizes and accepts the requirement to make safety our most important responsibility. We believe that productive work habits and safe work habits are one in the same. Safety and health are not priorities but values instilled in our employees and supervisors at all levels.

"Our mission at exp Federal is to protect our most valuable asset: our experienced people. We do this by empowering the entire team in the planning and decision making process when creating a safe work environment wherever they are supporting our customer's mission."
John Samis
President, exp Federal

Our company safety performance is integrated into everything we do. With a rating of .90, our Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is below industry average. To achieve this very good rating our training includes communicating our philosophy that every injury is preventable through proper working techniques, safety inspections, and sound equipment. Our corporate-wide goal is zero accidents both on and off the job site. Our excellent track record has extended over the last three years (2010-2012) with over 150 full-time employees in war zone environs (Afghanistan) with zero safety incidents over those 36 consecutive months.

Our team formulates project specific safety plans around, USACE, NAVFAC, DOS, OSHA, and local safety guidelines. These project-specific safety plans include our corporate safety plan and will guide employees and subcontractors in promoting safe conditions, controlling hazards, protecting personnel from injury, understanding monitoring practices, and eliminating damage to property.

We transfer our safety beliefs right down to our teammates and subcontractors; we monitor our subcontractors and make each of them responsible for the safety of its employees. Full compliance with exp Federal standards and local regulations is mandatory.

Exp Federal executive management is visibly committed to the best in safety and health for our employees, teammate employees, and subcontractor employees.