Quality is performance excellence. It's about optimizing customer satisfaction through continuous improvement and clear and consistent communication. Exp Federal has gained the respect of our customers by providing professionals who take pride in quality work. We fully integrate our firm-wide Project Quality Assurance/Quality Control Program and continuous improvement programs into all aspects of our daily operations and project deliverables. The program guidelines and checklists have been compiled into an interactive process that is available to all exp staff via our intranet site.

Our QCP meets the international standards for Quality (ISO 9001) and Health and Safety (OHSAS 18001) and integrates an overall business strategy that eliminates duplication of efforts. With a focus on delivering excellence to the customer, it proactively identifies and manages risk by its systematic and integrated approach to the health and safety of people and the environment.

The QCP is designed to integrate all segments and components of its business into one coherent approach, to enable the achievement of its mission and vision, and to optimize business execution and deliver excellence.

Corporate Commitment to Quality

All company employees are committed to achieving the exp quality mission on our projects, which states in part that "we are committed to delivering products and services that satisfy customer business needs, meet or exceed their expectations and comply with their quality standards." The commitment of our executive management is expressed by their ongoing concern with quality performance and management system effectiveness. Our corporate commitment to quality is validated by our consistent ACASS ratings of Exceptional and Very Good.