Michigan Metroplex Distribution Center


U.S. Postal Service


Pontiac, Michigan


Formerly the location of a GM Foundry, the USPS purchased this site with strict requirements for remediation of the entire site according to Federal requirements for brownfield development. This site shared an access road with an adjacent GM facility that remained operational on a 24/7 basis. Both building and site are zoned to separate public areas from private and secure vs. non-secure. This is accomplished by physical means as well as with extensive and complex electronic access control, monitoring, and surveillance systems including the latest in bio-detection technology. The site includes new roads, intensive truck and vehicle maneuvering, 80 docks, paving, and parking, all monitored by on-site traffic control, closed-circuit cameras, and guard house. Interior spaces include workroom, support spaces, administrative spaces, fixed mechanization, and tray-mail system. Special function spaces include battery charging room, flammable storage rooms, and computer rooms.


Exp, in Joint Venture with Walbridge-Aldinger Company, provided all architecture and engineering services for this project, and participated in the construction management efforts. This project was executed using a Design-Build delivery method, starting with bridging documents that were based on the USPS prototype for processing and distribution centers.