Argonne National Laboratory Theory and Computing Sciences Center


Department of Energy


Darien, Illinois


This design-build project involved design and construction of a new 241,698 SF world-class research computational facility on the 1,500-acre campus of Argonne National Laboratory. The building houses state-of-the art supercomputing systems and includes reconfigurable instrument laboratories, an advanced digital conference center, a library, and office spaces. Located on an 11-acre parcel, the facility was designed to be at the forefront of technology, supporting research to advance the nations science education.


Exp, together with Animate (architectural design consultant), provided all architectural design and engineering. Exp also served as the construction manager for all aspects of the project, which facilitated the design-build process and ensured that constructability input was timely. Subcontracts were held by exp for all building trades. Exp incorporated into the overall design a security approach compliant with the required design criteria and in line with overall building function and operations. Security features included a holistic design of CCTV, access control and intrusion detection systems to provide proper coverage of the building envelope and secure spaces. The project was designed to DOE Sustainable Design Standards. The building and associated 600-car parking lot employs a number of sustainable site strategies, including forested lots and pervious pavement to reduce heat island and water runoff. The project also included a chiller plant with waterside economizer (in addition to the traditional air side economizer), fresh air control, VAV systems, and an under-floor pressurization system in the supercomputer room to maximize air flow.