Electrical Power Systems Inspections and Repairs and Fire Safety Program for USAFOR-A


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers




With a staff of over 165 people working for USFOR-A, DCMA, ISAF, and Prime Power, exp Federal helps protect the warfighters on U.S. military bases throughout Afghanistan.


We inspect and repair electrical distribution equipment; inspect fire safety systems; provide fire safety maintenance training; and perform miscellaneous facilities maintenance and repair activities. To date we have established over twelve major operating offices, managed from four central hubs located in Bagram, Kandahar, New Kabul Compound, and Phoenix. Delivering services on a wide range of structures, we perform work on everything from life support facilities to aircraft hangars to hazardous chemical facilities. Since 2010, exp Federal has inspected over 112 bases, provided full electrical system repair on 68 bases, and inspected and repaired 13,625 buildings representing over 15 million square feet of space. In addition we provided fire safety training to over 316 military personnel, inspected over 36 million square feet of space for fire hazards, and investigated over 30 fire incidents across numerous bases.