Market Overview

We provide comprehensive engineering services to the petroleum, gas and chemical industry including process, facility and environmental engineering for exploration, refining, storage, distribution and retail. Representative project types are process facilities, process control centers, distribution terminals, bulk storage, pipelines, permanent living facilities, and arctic engineering among others. From initial assessments through the complete staged-gate common processes we are experienced in partnering with our clients to deliver their projects from concept to completion.

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BP Conference and Training CenterBP Emergency Services BuildingBP Laboratory Projects - AVC AnalyticalBP Laboratory Projects - Building 812 Dynamometer AdditionBP Laboratory Projects - Building 813 Fire System and HVAC ReplacementBP Laboratory Projects - Catalyst Lab RestackBP Laboratory Projects - Nitriles Catalyst ResearchBP Laboratory Projects - Nitriles EngineeringBP Laboratory Projects - Nitriles Process ChemistryBP Laboratory Projects - OABU WetBP Research Campus Atrium AdditionBP Whiting Consolidated Control CenterManlove Field LNG Pre-Treatment Switching SkidNorthstar Operational CenterSuncor Energy Projects